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MAC Lipsticks for Everyday (Neutrals, Pinks, Plums, Berries) Comparisons & Favorites | Makeup Collection

MAC lipsticks are "holy grail" or "HG" items for many people out there who love makeup. They're awesome because there are many pigmented hues to choose from in a variety of different finishes. The great quality seems consistent wherever and whenever you buy them, and the simple, iconic black bullet packaging is sleek and chic. They smell faintly of vanilla, pleasant and not overpowering at all. Maybe I'm weird, but it is pretty satisfying to open up a newly bought lip product and see a pristine, untouched lipstick. It's the little things in life sometimes, eh?

My current MAC lipstick collection as of Nov. 2015 consists of:
(Total: 33)
* = Favorites
Neutrals / Pinks: (Closer to "My Lips But Better" / "MLBB")
Brave (Pink-beige with white pearl) - Satin
Cosmo (Pink coco) - Amplified Creme
Fast Play (Neutral pink) - Amplified Creme
*Crème in your Coffee (Creamy mid-tone pink brown) - Cremesheen
*Twig (Soft muted brownish-pink) - Satin
Retro (Muted peachy-pinky brown) - Satin
Verve (Muted brownish-plum) - Satin
Whirl (Dirty rose) - Matte

Plums / Berries: (Wearable and everyday to a little bolder)
Amorous (Lovestruck cranberry) - Satin
Craving (Burst of plum) - Amplified Creme
Captive (Pinkish-plum) - Satin
*Plumful (Blossoming rose-plum) - Lustre
Brick-O-La (Mid-tone berry) - Amplified Creme
Del Rio (Muted plum-brown) - Satin
Rebel (Midtonal cream plum) - Satin
*Party Line (Red-toned plum) - Cremesheen
Hang-up (Deep berry) - Cremesheen

I normally buy MAC lip products from either MACcosmetics.com or Nordstrom.com. When I order makeup online (after extensive swatch research on various skin tones), I feel like there is a better chance that people haven't been touching all over it and opening the packages up. I have bought some MAC foundations in-store though, after a makeup artist matched the product to my skin tone. (Apparently I'm NC25, if you're curious.)

Pricing isn't too bad. It's mid-level pricing if you compare it to drugstore vs. mid to high-end and department store brands. In 2014, it used to be $15 per lipstick or lip liner, in early 2015, it was $16, now rolling into 2016, it's $17-18. Wow, prices are really going up quickly, but if you compare it to normal mid to high-end lipstick brands at Sephora or Nordstrom (ranging from $20-37 per bullet), it's still a great price, for sure.

Next MAC post will feature my more daring colors...

NOTE: These initial posts are more of a summary or record for myself of what I currently have. I will try to put up swatches as soon as I can, but I hope the side-by-side comparisons help you see the difference in colors and finishes in the meantime. :-)

Reds: (Bold, classic lips)
Viva Glam 1 (Intense brownish blue-red) - Matte
Dark Deed - Limited edition Holiday 2013
*Dare You (Deep brown red) - Cremesheen
*Russian Red (Intense bluish-red) - Matte
Ruby Woo (Very matte vivid blue-red) - Retro Matte
*Lady Danger (Vivid bright coral-red) - Matte
Chili (Brownish orange-red) - Matte
Dark Side (Deep burgundy) - Amplified Creme
Studded Kiss (Dark oxblood red) - Matte
Diva (Intense reddish-burgundy) - Matte
D for Danger - Matte

Brights: (Bold, statement lips)
Up the Amp (Lavender violet) - Amplified Creme
Heroine (Bright purple) - Matte
All Fired Up (Bright fuchsia matte) - Retro Matte
Flat Out Fabulous (Bright plum matte) - Retro Matte
Girl About Town (Bright blue fuchsia) - Amplified Creme

My MAC lip liners are:
*Soar Lip Pencil (Mid-tone pinkish brown)
Whirl Lip Pencil (Dirty rose)
Beurre Cremestick Liner (Dirty plum) - Cream
Vino Lip Pencil (Intense violet-purple, travel size, Limited edition Holiday 2013)


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