People to Watch

My Favorite People I Follow on Social Media

on YouTube:
- Danisnotonfire / AmazingPhil / DanAndPhilGAMES
(they're both quick and witty, but I have a soft spot for Phil - he's so sweet and funny)

- ItsJudysLife / ItsJudyTime / BenjiManTV
(they have such an adorable family. sticker sisters, ya-yeeahh)

- Zoella / Sprinkleofglitter / ThatcherJoe
(nice, down-to-earth, smart and naturally hilarious)

- Estee Lalonde / AmeliaLiana
(sweethearts with good style and taste)

- FungBrosComedy
(Asian culture & humor from 2 Chinese-American bros. and their friends)

on Instagram or Twitter:
- I follow many of the same people from the YouTube section.

- Supernatural cast members

- theDailyRoe
(her photos are so vintage and rustic-looking, in contrast to the trend right now of very washed out, stark white, marble desk shots)

- PenguinsCreative
(her illustrations are so good!)

- planner and craft enthusiasts . . . tbd

on Blogs:
- Temptalia
(I don't know of a better blog that does such high-quality, consistent and thorough reviews on new and current make-up. Great resource if you're trying to decide what is worth your money.)

on Snapchat:
- I don't really use it much..

Who do you like to check in on? Do we have any of the same fave internet people?  ^_^

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