Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MAC Lipsticks for Everyday (Neutrals, Pinks, Plums, Berries) Comparisons & Favorites | Makeup Collection

MAC lipsticks are "holy grail" or "HG" items for many people out there who love makeup. They're awesome because there are many pigmented hues to choose from in a variety of different finishes. The great quality seems consistent wherever and whenever you buy them, and the simple, iconic black bullet packaging is sleek and chic. They smell faintly of vanilla, pleasant and not overpowering at all. Maybe I'm weird, but it is pretty satisfying to open up a newly bought lip product and see a pristine, untouched lipstick. It's the little things in life sometimes, eh?

My current MAC lipstick collection as of Nov. 2015 consists of:
(Total: 33)
* = Favorites

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Breaking Bad - TV Worth Watching | Favorites

I watched 'Breaking Bad' from the very beginning in 2008, and followed along every week it aired until the show ended in 2013. It is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows ever! - KarlyCreates.com

A high school chemistry teacher gets a terminal cancer diagnosis, and starts to produce and sell meth with one of his ex-students, so he can make some money to leave to his family.

(I don't want to go into much more detail because I'm not a spoiler. Plus unless you've been living under a rock, you already know of the award-winning show by now.)  ;-D

It is one of the best TV shows in existence, at least in my opinion obviously. The extremely unique storyline, the ups and downs, dark and twisty turns, character development, superb acting, simple real-life sets, subtle humor, intense situations, etc. Even if it's not your type of show, it's definitely worth a try. Watch the first few episodes and see if you can get into it.

Some people read the short summary on IMDb.com or hear about it from a friend and pass on it because it sounds weird. Chemistry teacher who sells meth. WTF, right?
You just have to move past that and start watching to realize how complex and interesting the show is.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss | Makeup Collection

NYX Intense Butter Glosses pack more pigment punch than the original, more natural-looking Butter Glosses. Of course I had to pick up some of the colors. The addiction is real, ha.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss - KarlyCreates.com

Saturday, June 6, 2015

NYX Butter Gloss | Makeup Collection

NYX Butter Glosses are so easy to apply, and they're very comfortable to wear.
If you don't eat or drink much right after you put it on, the color will stay there for a few hours before you have to re-apply. They have a pleasant cake or vanilla scent from the tube, but they don't smell like much on your lips. It's a good way to add a bit of color when you just want a simple, natural touch, nothing too bold or crazy.

Here's a breakdown of the current available colors as of June 2015 on the NYXCosmetics.com website:
NYX Butter Gloss colors - KarlyCreates.com

Currently I have: All of the colors except for 13, 14, 16, 17.
1 Strawberry Parfait - Fuchsia
2 Eclair - Pink
3 Peaches and Cream - Pink Coral
4 Merengue - Pink lilac
5 Creme Brulee - Natural
6 Peach Cobbler - Red-orange
7 Tiramisu - Brown
8 Apple Strudel - Peach
9 Vanilla Cream Pie - Mauve
10 Cherry Cheese Cake - Orange
11 Maple Blondie - Deep Peach
12 Cherry Pie - Red
13 Fortune Cookie - True nude
14 Madeleine - Mid-tone nude
15 Angel Food Cake - True mauve
16 Praline - Deep nude
17 Ginger Snap - Chocolate brown
18 Cupcake - Hot pink
19 Sugar Cookie - Bright fuchsia
20 Red Velvet - Deep red
21 Raspberry Tart - Violet
22 Devil’s Food Cake - Deep plum


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | Makeup Collection

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are fun to try out and have in one's collection. Although I don't like them as much as the NYX Butter Glosses, I can appreciate that they dry down to a matte finish for a little more staying power.

They are a bit chalky I suppose, but not uncomfortably so. My bf didn't really care for them, but I don't think boys understand why girls like matte lip products. He prefers natural looking gloss or just my bare lips, go figure..ha. Glosses don't last long enough though, so in came the trend of matte lip creams, lip stains, stay all day and everlasting liquid lipsticks, etc.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams aren't that long lasting, but they fall somewhere in the middle in terms of comfort and wear time.
Here's a breakdown of the current available colors as of June 2015 on the NYXCosmetics.com website:
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream colors - KarlyCreates.com
For some reason, on the NYX site, the swatch numbers are a little mixed up right at the beginning (it starts with 3, 1, 2, 4 and then goes on in the correct order. I clicked on one of them in the screenshot, so you can see the numbering.) Oh well. Anyway, I've put the numbers, names and color descriptions to the left of the site swatches for quick reference. 

Currently I have: 1, 5, 8, 10, 17, 18, 19, 22
1 Amsterdam - Pure Red
2 Stockholm - Mid-tone beige pink
3 Tokyo - Bubblegum pink
4 London - Mid-tone beige
5 Antwerp - Mid-tone yellow-toned pink
6 Istanbul - Clean pink
7 Addis Ababa - Bright fuchsia
8 San Paulo - Plummy pink
9 Abu Dhabi - Deep rose-beige
10 Monte Carlo - Deep cranberry red
11 Milan - Mid-tone blue-toned pink
12 Buenos Aires - Soft coral
13 Sydney - Soft lavender
14 Zurich - Matte muted rose
15 Athens - Matte peach beige
16 Cairo - Matte pure nude
17 Ibiza - Matte deep rose pink
18 Prague - Matte merlot
19 Cannes - Matte muted mauve
20 Copenhagen - Matte rich plum
21 Transylvania - Matte deep violet
22 Morocco - Matte coral orange


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Target One Spot - Crafty and Thrifty

I have always loved stationery and crafts, like many girls. I visited the Target One Spot, or $1/Dollar Spot, to see what kind of crafty goods I'd be able to procure. I had seen on YouTube videos and blogs that people enjoyed scouring this section of Target, along with many other discount stores, to find lower cost items for creative projects.

I was not disappointed. I found several items for $1-$3, and the whole trip cost me less than $20. See what I bought below -

Target One Spot, affordable craft materials - KarlyCreates.com
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