Saturday, June 6, 2015

NYX Butter Gloss | Makeup Collection

NYX Butter Glosses are so easy to apply, and they're very comfortable to wear.
If you don't eat or drink much right after you put it on, the color will stay there for a few hours before you have to re-apply. They have a pleasant cake or vanilla scent from the tube, but they don't smell like much on your lips. It's a good way to add a bit of color when you just want a simple, natural touch, nothing too bold or crazy.

Here's a breakdown of the current available colors as of June 2015 on the website:
NYX Butter Gloss colors -

Currently I have: All of the colors except for 13, 14, 16, 17.
1 Strawberry Parfait - Fuchsia
2 Eclair - Pink
3 Peaches and Cream - Pink Coral
4 Merengue - Pink lilac
5 Creme Brulee - Natural
6 Peach Cobbler - Red-orange
7 Tiramisu - Brown
8 Apple Strudel - Peach
9 Vanilla Cream Pie - Mauve
10 Cherry Cheese Cake - Orange
11 Maple Blondie - Deep Peach
12 Cherry Pie - Red
13 Fortune Cookie - True nude
14 Madeleine - Mid-tone nude
15 Angel Food Cake - True mauve
16 Praline - Deep nude
17 Ginger Snap - Chocolate brown
18 Cupcake - Hot pink
19 Sugar Cookie - Bright fuchsia
20 Red Velvet - Deep red
21 Raspberry Tart - Violet
22 Devil’s Food Cake - Deep plum

I didn't buy the remaining 4 colors because I just felt like they wouldn't suit me. For reference, I'm Asian, a bit tan, light-medium with neutral to yellow undertones, NC25 in MAC foundations.
13 seemed like it would be too white-based and would wash me out. 14 seemed a bit brown. 16 and 17 seemed too dark brown for me.

My favorite one that I wear the most is probably 7 Tiramisu because it's a nude or natural-looking lip color for me. Dare I say..MLBB? It is described as "Brown" on the website, but really has some pink in it. I also like 15 Angel Food Cake and 20 Red Velvet, but there are so many nice shades.


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